If you have a suggested tool, please send details to Dave.Edwards@uwa.edu.au

  1. WheatIS Package:
    • WheatIS SolR Package: A SolR search indexing package for WheatIS nodes to make indexes enabling the WheatIS search page to be queried.
  2. Databases:
    • EnsemblPlants: An Ensembl database for plants
    • GnpIS: a multispecies integrative information system dedicated to plant and fungi pests
    • TAGdb: TAGdb is a web-based query tool for aligning query sequences to an existing database of paired short read data
    • T3 Wheat: The Triticeae Toolbox contains SNP, phenotypic, and pedigree data from wheat germplasm in the T-CAP project
    • Gramene: A comparative resource for plants
    • GrainGenes: A genome database for small-grain crops
    • MIPS: The MIPS wheat genome database
    • Phytozome: The Phytozome wheat database
  3. Software:
    • HarvEST: HarvEST is a Windows software, it originated as EST database-viewing software in support of gene function analyses and oligonucleotide design, then grew to support activities including microarray content design, SNP identification, genotyping platform design, comparative genomics and the coupling of physical and genetic maps
    • Field Book: A simple app for researchers to easily take notes on field research plots
  4. Infrastructure:
    • Grassroots Infrastructure: The Grassroots Infrastructure project aims to create an easily-deployable suite of computing middleware tools to help users and developers gain access to scientific data infrastructure that can easily be interconnected.