WheatIS Expert Working Group


Whereas the WheatIS Expert Working Group (EWG) constitutes the steering body for the WheatIS initiative and leads the implementation of the WheatIS infrastructure, it is considered important to provide recognition to those individuals outside the EWG who are also contributing to the initiative.


WheatIS contributors are wheat or computer scientists (researcher or technician) making individual technical contributions to the WheatIS initiative.


WheatIS contributors can participate in different ways according to their skills. A non-exhaustive list of potential roles includes:


WheatIS contribtors contributions will be acknowledged on the WheatIS website, in communications, publications or other official documents as appropriate. The mailing list wheatis-contributors wheatis.org will be used for communication within the group. Members will be invited to the annual WheatIS Expert Working Group meeting and to participate in other communication events.

How to apply

Application is open to anyone willing to participate towards WheatIS goals. Please send your application to wheatis-contact wheatis.org providing the following information: